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Joseph Lee

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For the last 3 days, I have not actually received any new messages. Thunderbird apparently is connecting with the Verizon server and the green bar expands as if the messages are about to appear. Then the process simply stops and no email is added to my inbox. The totals remain unchanged. My last email arrived the morning of 4/2. I have tried closing and reopening Thunderbird to no avail. I have left it running for hours at a time. Don't know how often it checks for messages. And I've clicked on Get Messages numerous times. Messages were appearing in small amounts intermittently in late March; so I guessed it was a timeout message and changed the appropriate setting from 100 to 1000. That seemed to improve things temporarily. But suddenly I stopped receiving new messages. I am not getting any error messages. Thunderbird just doesn't obtain my messages from Verizon. Any help will be appreciated. This is very frustrating.


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Hi Joseph,

Which settings are you using? I believe Verizon recently started moving some of their outsourced accounts from Yahoo to AOL. Are you in Florida, California, or Texas? If you're in any of those you might be affected. If not then none of that probably applies to you.

Maybe there is some corruption causing the POP3 to not work. Try disabling the first so you don't lose old email and then add a second copy of your account to Thunderbird. Can it download new email now?

Here are the current Verizon settings - What are the Verizon incoming (pop3) and outgoing (smtp) mail server settings?

Did you make any recent changes to the security software on your computer? Does a system restore back to before the problem started fix the problem?

If you still can't download maybe you have a corrupted box that support needs to fix. If you have a Verizon phone try calling *611 to reach support and ask about your email account. If you don't have a Verizon phone, here are some of their support numbers - What is the Verizon customer service phone number?

Joseph Lee

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I know the settings are correct because Thunderbird originally left out Yahoo in the server names. A Verizon tech support actually corrected this for me remotely a couple weeks ago after I installed Thunderbird on my new laptop.

That said, I am now getting all of my email. Thunderbird had stopped asking for my password for several days. Don't know why. It just began to connect with the server immediately but never obtained any messages. Then, out of the blue, things went back to normal. When I actually enter my password, everything works normally. Still don't understand what was going on. But things are okay now. No need for drastic measures. Thanks for your feedback.