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I used to use quite a bit and it only works once in awhile now. It is a service that tells you when someone opens an email, what time, where (city,state, country) and if they opened it more than once and for how long. It was pretty nifty if you wanted to make sure someone received an email. All you had to do was type at the end of the email. If your email was, you would just put Johnny would only see It didn't work like some read receipts where the recipient had to actually click on something to give permission to let you know they received it. It was a stealth program. It only works once in a great while now. What is going on? Any ideas?:confused:

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Hi Theresa,

I checked out the service and the reason it does not work accurately anymore is because they do the tracking by including hidden images in the e-mail. Most service providers such as Yahoo Mail and desktop e-mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook will either block or warn you before opening links and images in an e-mail. The reason this service used to work is because when someone opened the an e-mail it would open an image that was located on readnotify's web server. If the image was loaded over the web then readnotify and you knew that the e-mail had been opened. Several services used this trick for a while including readnotify and mailing list management tools. Unfortunately spammers started using this trick in an attempt to generate lists of valid e-mail addresses and eventually service providers and desktop clients had to start blocking links and images for this reason and because of viruses in automatically opened content.


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Email tracking services do require that the recipient is downloading pictures. Other email tracking services that you can try include ContactMonkey ( which has a free gmail read receipt and email tracking for Outlook, as well as Boomerang. They're just Gmail though.

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Hi Theresa,

This has been a old time issues people are facing i.e how do i know if someone has opened my email?

There has been many solutions available other than since the long time back is one of the PRO solution for this. One has to simply install an gmail email tracking plugin for the browser and can start tracking emails.

SalesHandy gives some unique free email tracking features; not provided by everyone. It answer many questions at a time. If you are a sales guy or someone sending an important email, answer to below questions will help you a lot in taking decisions effectively.
  • Is recipient opening my emails?
  • What device recipient is using?
  • How many times the email has been opened by recipient?
  • What is the time your recipient is viewing you email?
  • How to track email location of recipient?
  • When my recipient has last opened my email?
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