Qwest broadband, Windows Live email STMP/POP set up help


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Qwest broadband, Windows Live email will not work. When broswing on line and want to send 'page byt email' can't. How do I set up?
Thank you:confused:

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Hi Joy,

The following appears to be the email configuration for Quest q.com email:

1. Incoming mail server: pop3.live.com
2. Outgoing mail server: smtp.live.com
3. Usernames are your complete email address (username@q.com)
4. Incoming mail port is set to 995 (The SSL box should be checked.)
5. Outgoing mail port is set to 25.
6. Use Secure Connection (SSL) and use Authentication (ESMTP)

If your email is quest.net then you should choose from this list of server names.

The Quest technical support phone number is 1-800-573-1311 in case you need that too.

Please let us know if this information works for you so that I can add it to our email guides. :thanks:



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I have tried this numerous times and it fails to validate. I'm actually trying from my Palm Pre phone to set it up...perhaps that's the problem?:(


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The first settings did not work...I spent 2 hours on the phone with Qwest, Sprint and Palm. Did a quick check on the setting for "How to access Windows Live Hotmail with a Sprint Palm Pre" and that worked!

The big item is that the Encryption on Incoming is SSL and the Encryption on Outgoing is TLS!

Worked! Hip, Hip, Hurrah! Now I'll keep this phone.