Quickie: Send Pictures to Your Verizon Cell Phone from email

Big Dan

EQ Forum Moderator
There's a few reasons you would want to send pictures from your computer to your cell phone. One of the biggest is to get some older family photos on your phone. Another thing I do is send funny pictures and backgrounds that I plan to forward to friends on my cell phone.

Simply attach the picture to an email addressed to the phone number @ mypixmessages.com so if your phone number is 212-555-1212 you would email the picture to 2125551212@mypixmessages.com

Somethings to remember though cell phones have small screens so you will want to resize the picture both so that space isn't wasted on your cell phone and so it doesn't take so long to receive it as cell phones have much slower data connections then computers.

This also works to some extent with MP3 files. If you want a song on your phone or a clip of a song for a ring tone you can simply attach the MP3 file to an email although this working depends on the model of the phone, some phones just won't receive MP3s.