possible scam please help


New Email Several people with this IP address started calling my best friend over 3 months ago. They all are US business men who have been working in Nigeria and have 1. lost their contracts, 2. have a child with an illness they don;t have the money to get them both home to the US 3. lost their paperwork and the US Embassy will not help them and they need financial help to pay a VAT tax which does not exist.... When she told me about these online relationships and asked to borrow money for the last one I knew they were all scams. They did not know each other but all had one thing in common this IP address when I went online with their email addresses.
Is it safe to tell her that these are all scammers or is this a common IP address and this is a huge coincidence.

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Yes, it's a scam when people from Nigeria ask you for money.

Hopefully your friend did not give them too much already. :eek:

If they gave out any account information they should contact their bank and let them know in the hopes they can avoid having their account emptied by the scammers.