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Does anyone know the amount of time it takes Gmail and Yahoo to alert you that you have new emails through POP3?
What I mean is how often since your emails have been checked do the services check your inbox again?

I am looking to migrate all my emails into one account from now on and just use the account that can do this procedure the quickest?

Someone suggested it is 15 minutes between Gmail pushes email through POP?

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The email in a Gmail account should be available to your pop email program as soon as it hit your Gmail inbox.

Two reasons that other sources may have told you 15 minutes include :

  • Possible delays with the amount of time some ISP's take to relay an outgoing email and get it to the Gmail incoming mail servers
  • The interval that your email program is configured to check for new emails such as every 5 minutes
Most programs will let you change that so they can check for new email every minute.