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Have you ever needed a free temporary email address that includes spam filtering? Pobox can be used to create a temporary email forward to your primary email account that filters out spam and prevents you from being bombarded with junk email if you need to post the email address on a public web site.

For this test I signed up for the Pobox service and had it forward all emails from the temporary account to my Gmail account. I then posted the temporary email address on several web sites and internet forums. The Pobox test period is listed as 30 days but my service appeared to be active for closer to 45 days. During the test period only 2 spams made it to my primary email account hosted by Gmail. A total of 54 spam emails were blocked, and I had no problem sending myself test messages from a variety of accounts during the test period.

Registering for the Pobox forwarding service and creating the forward took only a few moments. I did not need to reference any of their online documentation but I did contact their support team one time and received a response to my question within 48hrs. The service does what it claims to do and I was happy with the quality of the spam filtering provided.

I have no need for a permanent service of this type and Gmail does a great job of filtering spam for my email accounts. I would consider using Pobox for both temporary email addresses when you want to protect yourself from spam, or if you have the need to help protect your identity when giving out your email address. Pobox requires a payment to keep your account active after the trial period has ended. They also offer a wide variety of additional services including hosting personal domains and pop3 access to those accounts. For more information on their service please see the Pobox pricing options.

I am not affiliated with Pobox and do not benefit if you use their services.

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