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Long ago I created a Twitter account to promote my daughter's modelling and commercials. The account used was a Hotmail account using ".com"

At some point all Canadians were switched to a ".ca"

The Twitter account needs to access this non existent Hotmail account in order to delete the Twitter account.

There appears no way to contact humans for support at either Twitter or Hotmail. Is there any way Hotmail can be contacted to put mail forwarding to an actual live account?

I know that the answer is no... But I am still trying


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Here are the current options - How to recover a lost Hotmail password / How to regain control of a hacked account

Microsoft does have a Twitter account that provides support too - Microsoft Support (@MicrosoftHelps) | Twitter

It is correct that the phone numbers plastered all over the internet are not actually Microsoft, many are scams that will steal your money.

It doesn't sound right to me that email addresses would have changed from .com to .ca, more likely is that you're being directed to a .ca portal but should still be able to use the old .com account if it's not too old.

The most likely problem here for the .com Hotmail account is that if you have not logged in for a long time it might have been deactivated and eventually deleted.

Try reporting the Twitter account as some form of abuse with an explanation to try and get it deleted.