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David D

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I am currently using Xfinity Connect (Comcast's web-based email client). It has two major drawbacks: (1) I am nearing its 2GB storage limit, and (2) its new search facility does not work for me. It has no Boolean search argument capabilities; it only indexes back two years; and if I search on email content, it simply spins until the server times out.

Features that I am looking for in an email client are as follows:

(1) Usable on Windows 10 and Android. Offline backup and search (even if just on the PC) is desirable.

(2) Significantly more storage than my current 2GB storage limit.

(3) Flexible and fast search capability (incl. searching content). Compound search arguments.

(4) Automatic sorting into folders (especially offline on a PC) would be a nice-to-have, but not an absolute requirement.

(5) I want to keep my current email address if possible.

Note that I also have a gmail account, which I find unusable because it is cluttered with notifications.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
David D.

David D

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I just noticed that my email space has been bumped up from 2 GB to 10 GB, which did not help much. I dropped from 93% usage to 91% usage. They must have added a lot of search indexes.