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Hi Newbie to the forum here.

Sorry in advance if this has been covered or I have posted in the wrong section.

I have several e-mail accounts on AOL AIM, one of which the master email I never use anymore. I have two that I use fairly regular and my partner has one in their name.

I would like to use a personalised email address like:, but not sure what to do, I am not longer a paid member of AOL, will they change the name of my account so I can just continue to use that?

Or should i bite the bullet and ditch my account fully and just dip in now and then to reply to messages that have still gone there instead of my new account.

I use Mail for mac at work and Windows Live mail at home, I also have a 3 Mobile which I use for my mail on the move, my work mail on exchange and my AOL accounts.

I am really not sure what way to go with this, any advise would be appreciated, If i opened a hotmail account could I use that with my new domain name?




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Hi Paul,

I'm not totally clear on what the goal is here.

Are you trying to have all of your email forward to a single master account that you can access?

Are you trying to change some of your IM screen names only because you lost access to the email accounts behind them?

Do you want your screen names to be your new personalized email address?

All of the above?

Although not having access to the email account behind an AOL IM isn't great it doesn't mean you have to ditch the account. How about sending a message to all of the contacts that you have a new IM account? Also, it is possible to be logged into several accounts at the same time using IM software such as Trillian. I have been using Trillian for years and am logged into several ICQ, AOL, Yahoo, and MSN accounts at the same time.