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When I operated with Windows XP, I seemed to have a lot more room in my Outlook 'inbox' than I do with Windows 7. I have to clear everything everyday and empty the 'deleted' and 'sent' boxes constantly or I get warning messages that my box is full, or my friends call to tell me that they can't get through to me. My mail volume hasn't changed since I converted from XP to Windows 7. Is there something different in this version of Outlook? Is there any way I can increase my 'inbox' capacity; or barring that, which e-mail program can I choose that will give me a bigger 'inbox'. :confused:


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From Windows XP do you remember if you were using IMAP or POP3?

From Windows 7 are you getting your email with IMAP or POP3?

Also, if you are using POP3, do you have some flavor of a "leave mail on server" setting enabled?

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popowich - thanks so much for answering!! I don't know which I had before, and (sorry!) don't know how to find out which I have now. Can you advise? I've never had to change anything like that before. I'd also LOVE to get rid of the 'pop-up' that I get on my screen EVERY TIME I log onto the internet or change screens, that asks me if I want to make Outlook my browser. I don't, but I hate to keep answering that question many times a day. :thanks: