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Several computers on my network are no longer sending email from 1 specific account.
I use Mozilla Thunderbird on some computers, Windows Live Mail on others, and Microsoft Outlook on others. I just switched ISPs and these issues occurred soon after the cut over. On each mail client are 3 accounts. 2 of the accounts are my own domain that is hosted offsite. On those accounts I have no issues. However, the other account is @bellsouth (AT&T was our old ISP). On that account I can receive new messages, but can't send. This problem exists in 2 locations that are connected via MLPS. I have tried using different SMTP servers, but no luck.
It is working on 1 computer so far. The incoming/outgoing server settings and DNS settings are the same as other workstations that are experiencing the issue.
Anyone have any idea what is happening?


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What error message are you getting when trying to send as bellsouth?

Most likely the new ISP is blocking it for policy reasons?

It's not uncommon for service providers to be blocking email From: other ISP's due to past spam problems.

If you have a real need to send From: blah @bellsouth you should configure those email profiles to send out the the Bell South smtp servers.