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Hi! Hope someone can help me... I recently set up Outlook 2007 to host my Yahoo mail. Outlook receives without issue, however, it will not send messages. Troubleshooting steps taken without success include:
  • Change Email Account Settings:
    • Outgoing mail server: smtp.mail.yahoo.com
    • More settings: Changed port from 25 to 26; also tried 426 - no go
    • Tested with encrytion on/off, still no go
  • Send/Receive:
    • Send All: nothing
    • Progress: hangs at 70% complete

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Please see the following guide for getting Yahoo mail configured in your Outlook.


The SMTP settings that you need are:

  • Type "plus.smtp.mail.yahoo.com" in the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server box.
  • Under “Outgoing mail Server (SMTP)”, check the box next to “This server requires a secure connection (SSL). Enter port number “465” in the “Outgoing mail (SMTP)” field.
If you need any additional help please let us know. :welcome: