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Am in Paris France and have been unable to access my hotmail account. I have even used the codes sent to me from hotmail to my other email account and I get a message that the code is invalid. innate plane reservations I need to check. Why send me codes that are invalid? I need to get into my account.


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Hi jmas,

Here are some helpful links for verifying, and worst case, treating an account as hacked and trying to recover access:

How to verify a Hotmail account - Your account has been temporarily blocked | Email Questions

How to recover a lost Hotmail password / How to regain control of a hacked account | Email Questions

Do you have any family still in the United States? Try having them login and setup 2 step logins with Google Authenticator:

How to turn on 2 step authentication (login verification) in Hotmail | Email Questions

Another trick to try is have them create an application password and then have you try that from Paris.

The application passwords are designed to work and let you login without requiring a second form of authentication.
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