need help to configure outlook express 6 for


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hi guys,

I have configured my outlook express for id, but the situation is like this:

I can receive emails, I can even reply to those mails, however when I go to compose new emails, I get a message saying that I do not have any account configured.

I had configured it earlier but due to some system issue, I had to reformat my system, ever since then this problem has started.

I checked all the settings, when I save my password and check mark " This requires secure connection, then I can't even send nor receive emails.

Please help me in resolving this issue, the Pop server is and SMTP server is

if possible please guide me through the complete procedure to configure my outlook express.

Thank you in advance.:thanks::thanks:

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Here is the VSNL email setup guide : Tata Indicom from VSNL : Mail Settings

Something does indeed sound to be wrong with the Outlook.

Have you tried creating the account a second time using a different name for it in Outlook?

Try creating it again and see if that version works.