need help not able to configure my Microsoft outlook with my yahoo free e-mail


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Hi, i would really appreciate if you could help me to find out why i m not able to finalize the configuration of my free yahoo e-mail to my microsot outlook 2007.

in the configuration: the steps: Establish network and Search for my yahoo e-mail server completed but the 3rd step: Log on to server and send a test e-mail message, is not working, always requesting me: Enter Network Password. knowing that my user name and password are filled in & correct.

my location is Lebanon.

Thank you in advance and looking to hear from you soon.



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Thanks for your quick respond.

my yahoo email account is at
no i didn't try YPOP coz i read the comments that it will not work with microsoft outlook 2007.

thank you once again for your help & support and looking forward to hear from you.