Need help about merging various Gmail messages


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I receive daily, in my Gmail account, several emails, which contain text and links to internet pages.

I would need to extract, at one time, the links from the messages received, for example, during one week. A simple alternative would be to be able to unite the content of all of them, to do a copy-paste to Excel, and find the links.

But Gmail does not permit to forward the content of multiple messages at once, and take them into another account, aggregated into a single message.

Does anyone know a way to get it? Is there any mail client who permits to access to a Gmail account and merge multiple messages? Any other alternative?

Thank you very much in advance!


Big Dan

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To add to Popowich's answer, I don't think you can merge multiple messages in any program, that's just not the way email works. I wish that we had an answer for ya.

EQ Admin

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If you download and export all of the emails you can easily grep through them to pick out the links though.

Maybe it's easier from Linux than Windows but it's doable.