Mysterious Email Address Discovered, Had Been Receiving all Company Email Traffic.


New Email
We have been having some strange issues with our company Gmail account. About 6 months ago we suddenly were not able to send email to many of our clients. We would get error messages saying the message had been blocked. We could not figure out why. However about the same time, I noticed on my account that when I emailed myself, I would get an error message saying the message could not be delivered to a certain Yahoo email address. Now please understand that I only sent an email to myself, no one else. So it is obvious that at some point, someone here in the company had directed all emails to a Yahoo address and now for whatever the reason, it has gone defunct. This has to be in our Google Settings somewhere. Now everytime someone sends anyone in my company an email, they get a error message that it could not be delivered to the Yahoo address. This is causing lots of confusion AND I will bet it also has something to do with why certain servers now suddenly think we are SPAM etc. Can anyone help me? Thank you.