my password is not working?


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Dear sir,

my account is active since long time but recently the password might be changed by unathorized person. in addition, i do not remember all my the given information to the account but i have few of them, like date of birth, place, surename, and others. while i do not have any access to alternative mail and security questions. the answer of the question is forgoten, but i know my last password which is changed in current week. i kindly ask you to help me in this regard. it is mentionable that i am not a hacker and robber, so i am able to provide you any documents to prove my through any valuable sources and organizations which i have contact throughly.
looking to receive your kind support in very earlier time,

best regards,
Ahmad Edress

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Hi Ahmad,

What company do you use for your email?

Yahoo,Hotmail,Gmail etc or an ISP email account?