My Mail account has been blocked.


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I have been using this mail for business purposes but within just 3-4 days of using it, the mail has been blocked. And I do not know for what reason. It has been blocked for almost 4 days now. Please help me out with this because I need it very urgently. My mail account is

Thanking you.


New Email
The same thing happened to me. I opened a brand-new account for the first time 2 weeks ago. Sent one email as a test. 2 Days Later I received a message from stating my account had been blocked for irregular activity. Two days later another message from stating that their security team decided that my email was to remain blocked and there was nothing more they could tell me about it.
I've used email since it was invented different companies over the years. Never have I had anything like this happen. I've been Googling this issue and just want to State their many people with this problem. The sad part is gives no option for correcting the situation. No communication whatsoever to find out why they choose to do what they do. S2 my account I emailed myself a test email to another account. Absolutely no reason for them to do what they did.
My thoughts to those reading this post, stay away from they're absolutely absurd in there security practices. Gmail seems the way to go. Only reason I tried was because the name I wanted to use was already taken up at the other email services. had my requested name available. No way to do business Shame on you no. If I could I give you three thumbs down.