says ''Your account has been blocked.''


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Hello, I am currently unable to access my account and don't know why.

I have filled out a contact form but heard nothing after a day. Given that this e-mail address is an important one for me, I am worried.

Any help/hints or whatever would be much appreciated.
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Based on past member feedback I don't think there is much of a chance that you will get reply from

Any chance this form works for you?
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Thanks for the quick reply!

Sadly, I created this e-mail address 14 years ago and it's not accepting my D.O.B. which either means I added an incorrect one those years ago or it's been hacked/changed since then.

The lack of contact-ability with them over this is distressing to say the least.


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It's been fixed now. They sent an e-mail saying basically ''yeah, it's fixed'' with no explanation. Am moving towards GMail because of this, I can't afford to have my e-mail blocked for no reason for four days and get no help from them regarding it.

Thank you very much popowich for listening to me rant and panic and also for your help. I hope you have a well-paying job and are somewhere warm :)

Jane Blake

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I have an account with that I opened up just for entering competitions,first three days was fine then found myself blocked ,two months later I had a reply saying it would remain blocked,emailed back and got a very terse reply back saying that security has looked at it again and it would remain blocked but were not allowed to tell my why.
I am really confused as was used for no other reason apart from an address to put on competitions