my hotmail is blocked or hacked


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last night i had problems getting into me msn messenger as it didnt reconinzed me password then i had trouble getting into me hotmail account sayin some one else usin me acount please veritfy that it is you usin account so i follow the instructions to get code but im stuck now i need me old account can i recover me account please help asap thank you
regards martyn


Customer Service
If you haven't logged into your old account in a long time, it would have been deactivated. How long has it been since you logged into the old account?


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my hotmail says someone else is using it and to verify user but it won't allow me past this. PLEASE HELP, Cathy


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Hi, I had been having the same problem but you can change the email the code goes to (however you will need to know your original email as it will say something like fill in the *** in x*** so that you can change the security again and as long as you can use the code it's fine but otherwise you can ask for your security information to be changed so that you can make sure its only you logging into your account. hope that helps :)