Hotmail account hacked, blocked

I had my hotmail account with id ********* The account has been hacked and blocked. Support provided by windows live is not enough to unblock it. Please get me way to unblock it. If required, I can provide details of my account. You may contact me on ******

Agastya Arunachal
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Customer Service
I removed your email for security reasons so you don't get spam. You should never post your email in a public place. :)

You can try the steps HERE for a blocked account.

You can try these steps HERE for a hacked account.

Good luck and let us know if you were able to have it resolved and which method worked.



New Email
I been trying to get in my email n they doing this for 3 mos now make new password and says the same thing i'm so irritated are they scamming or emails and using more information they don't want us back in are they doing something with our identities what is really going on all my Credit information is on there from PlayStation and I can't get back in this is stupid they don't have a support you can email call to send you to places they want you to pay for that's messed up and so mad if you can't tell
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