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Suggestions for member title ranks are welcomed!

I'm looking for e-mail related words that can be used for the ranking, for both new members and long term posters.

Some off the top of my head include:

- worm
- virus
- spambot (banned members group)
- undeliverable

I seem to be having an easier time with the new member and banned titles than ones for good posters.



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Here is my first crack at it. Any suggestions?

0: E-Mail Virus
1: Phishing Scam
5: New E-Mail
10: Rough Draft
15: Sent Mail
30: EQ Jr. Member
100: EQ Member
500: EQ Sr. Member
1000: EQ E-Mail Expert

Banned Members: Spam Folder :D



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Staff member
0: Undeliverable
1: New E-Mail
5: Sent Mail
10: Mail Folder
15: Mailing List
30: Member
100: Sr. Member
250: Answers Questions
500: Postmaster
1000: E-Mail Guru

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