Member on distribution list not getting email

Tiger bee

New Email
A few of us have sent emails to our whole group (6-8 people in all) and one member consistently is unable to receive these group emails whether she checks on her feature phone or online on her computer at home.

If someone replies to all in a group email, she will get a copy of that (which clues her in that she missed the initial message). If any of us email her directly, she always gets that.

I can't seem to replicate these groups emails to pinpoint where the problem is coming from. She has Verizon as well as an Yahoo account.

I've been all over the internet for any similiar problem/fixes and can't find anything. Can anyone help? Thx. :confused:


Customer Service
Maybe she accidentally marked you as spam? Tell her to check her blocked list and make sure your email is in her address book.

Tiger bee

New Email
I've asked her to look at things like her spam folder, her filters, her address book, etc. Nothing out of whack there.