Made a mistake using MDBVU32 deleting stuck outbox message, PLEASE HELP!


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I have made a huge mistake and don't know what to do.

I used to the MDBVU32 tool to delete two messages stuck in my outbox. This has happened before and so I knew the basic procedure.

However, I made a huge mistake and for one of the messages, I used the lpFld->DeleteMessages() (ON SELECTED MSGS) operation, neglecting to use the lpMDB->AbortSubmit() (ON SELECTED MSG) operation first.

Now the message is deleted and no longer in my outbox, but whenever I send/receive mail it just goes slowly up to 100% complete but then says send/receive error (as it did when messages were stuck in my outbox). I cannot send or receive mail now, and I'm pretty much screwed!

Does anybody know what I can do? I'm desperate here!

Thanks for everyone's time.


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short answer:

depends on how you store your email. If it is stored on the mail server, very easy fix:

(in either ALWAYS make a copy of any local .pst prior to beginning ANY repair process)

Sounds like you only borked your local cache: to rebuild simply delete the local account, close and re-open outlook, then setup a new account. Email from the exchange server will auto-download and rebuild your local OST.

If mail is stored ONLY in a local .pst -> you can "hope" the profile is messed up, and your local .pst is recoverable. make copy of existing .pst, delete account / profile (w/ Outlook closed, go to control panel -> mail applet). re-open outlook follow steps above / wizard within outlook to setup a new account. Next File, open browse to original file, open it (cross all fingers, toes, etc.) and you should your original mail show up within a Personal Folder on the left side panel of Outlook.