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Ever since I signed up for a Live account my outlook program has had a problem. Starting up it always says, 'outlook was not closed properly and is searching for problems'. The computer runs real slow for 5-10 minutes while this goes on. I is doing it on both computers and I always exit out of all programs before shutting down.

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I'm not making the connection between checking a Live account and your Outlook. Did you install any new software? Are you checking the live account from your Outlook? Anyway, have you tried to disable any addons that are installed into your Outlook?

To check your addons in Microsoft Outlook 2003:

  • Go to the tools menu and select Options
  • Select the Other tab
  • Click the button for Advanced Options
  • Click the button for Add-In Manager or COM Add-ins.
To check your addons in Microsoft Outlook 2007:

  • Select Tools
  • Select Trust Center
  • Select Add-ins
  • Select the type of add-in in Manage and click Go
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I checked everything you suggested, won't know until I shut down and start up. I have Outlook 2007 and use it on Vista and XP, both machines have the same message and slow down at start up.

If I use the Live account to send it will sometimes hang up and send the same message many times to each reciepient. It will show as 'sending' in the out box. It gives the message that it is still sending. Makes me look like spammer sometimes. I tried the fix that was suggested from this forum and it isn't working.