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I have a friend who is thinking of switching email providers from let's say to - both are telecom providers. Those are pretend URLs of course for example.

The folks at say she can keep her address and it will still work. Is this true or a marketing ploy? Are they just forwarding or migrating this address and how can they do that indefinitely? Will the address cease to work sometime down the road? Whats the deal?

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It's not up to if any previous email address will continue to work.

If the friend has an existing free email account such as Gmail / Hotmail / Yahoo their account will continue to work.

If the friend has an account from an ISP such as Verizon / Comcast / Frontier / Time Warner etc then the account may or may not work after they terminate their service.

The friend needs to check with the existing email provider to find out if that provider will let them keep the email account after their service is terminated.

This is one of the reasons general free accounts such as Gmail are better to use than ISP accounts you could lose if you change ISP's such as Time Warner. If you friend got their own domain name and didn't use ISP accounts at all that would be even better!

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