Email account server ending, anyway to keep my same address?

Hello, I receive my internet and e-mail from a local company. All of their accounts end in The problem is they are stopping their service at the beginning of next year. Is there anyway to make a new e-mail at gmail or any other free e-mail service and make it so if someone sent an e-mail to my old account, it would instead come to my new g-mail account? I'm using outlook express at the moment.

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It is easy to send as the other email address and check it from a Gmail account :

During your transition this should help you let people know about your new Gmail address.

If the ISP is turning off their mail servers then there is no way for you to get that email address unless they :

1) Transfer the domain to you and you set it up with mail hosting

2) Wait for it to expire and buy if after it becomes available again.

Neither of those options are likely to happen.

If they are only turning off sending email but they will leave receiving email online you should be able to continue using the email address from Gmail.

Try contacting them to let you know you support their efforts and would like to see their email service continue and also that you may be interested in the domain if they plan on letting it expire.

Thanks for the response!

I went to the link you provided and did the "add a pop account" but I'm not sure how to do the "add a forwarding address part." Do I even need to do that if I already added the pop account?

And also just to clarify, once my provider terminates the service no mail will be able to be sent to or from that address? There isn't a way to make it so if someone didn't get my new g-mail address, and sent it to my old one, it would be forwarded instead to the g-mail?

Sorry for all the questions, e-mail is one thing I'm not very savvy with!

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Technically you will be able to send from it to many people, but no one would be able to reply to it.

You're best off starting the Gmail account now, notifying all of your contacts about the change of email address, have Gmail pop the old account while it's still active, and then once the old account has been disabled you are already all set with the new Gmail account.