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Jim Franklin

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Our internet connection is frequently blacklisted. What is the best way to send email lists when our providers servers are constantly blacklisted? TY Jim


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Hi Jim,

ISP blacklistings happen. The servers you are using to send email are typically shared by a lot of customers. If one customer causes a problem it can affect everyone else. What bounce message(s) errors are you seeing? It would help to see a couple of the errors so we can help figure out if you are getting blocked by your ISP, or if your ISP is blocked from sending to other services. From your subject it sounds like you are within your ISP sending limits but your email is bouncing back with RBL & blacklisting types of error messages.

There is probably only so much your ISP can do since you are probably using a shared service with their other customers.

How big is your email list? What kinds of email do you send?

There are cheap alternatives out there if your ISP can't help.

If you send email newsletters and would like access to templates and list management tools I recommend MailChimp.

If you simply need a cheap bulk smtp sending service I recommend LuxSci.

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