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Recently while creating the full e-mail headers guides for Email Questions I downloaded some e-mail programs that I do not regularly use so I could create the instructions for those e-mail clients too. Normally I have no problems when downloading new e-mail software or any issues with the programs themselves. I install the software, check my test e-mail account, help to answer an e-mail question, and then I shut the program down and move on to my next task. IncrediMail is one of the programs that I have recently spent some time using and supporting.

To install IncrediMail I followed a link to the IncrediMail web site and arrived at their download page. The download button was big and clearly marked. I downloaded and clicked the IncrediMail installer, and that's when the troubles began. All of a sudden I had several alerts from SpyBot and was being prompted by IncrediMail to give them some marketing information such as my age, gender, and country. I don't like being forced to answer personal questions to be allowed to continue with the installation of a program. A little fib now and then is OK, right? :cool:

SpyBot alerted me that IncrediMail was trying to change my home page. I denied the request, but IncrediMail still managed to change my default home page and start up both a new Mozilla and IE window to the IncrediMail site, and all before officially asking if I wanted to change my home page. I also denied that request. To fix this problem on subsequent installs I had to choose the custom install and uncheck both options for changing my settings. I also had to uncheck a box that was checked during the initial configuration steps to remind IncrediMail again that I still did not want it to change my default home page. IncrediMail is more persistent than most other programs about it's wanting to change my default home page.

IncrediMail Review - Change Home Page.JPG

One thing that the install did a good job of was importing my e-mail settings and previously downloaded e-mails from all other e-mail clients installed on my computer. I see a combination of all my inboxes and address books that are available.

All throughout this process an annoying IncrediMail cartoon notifier has been letting me know that I have new e-mail. Even while writing this this review he continues to pester me. He defaults to On, and to "On Top" meaning that he walks over the windows I am working in and he even stays there until I click on him.

IncrediMail Review - Annoying Notifier.JPG

I configured the notifier to appear less often and immediately go away.

IncrediMail Review - Notifier Configuration.JPG

There are also several 3D effects that can be disabled by pushing the the 3D effects button that is also enabled by default.

IncrediMail Review - 3D Effects.JPG

The IncrediMail documentation is a small collection of online tutorials.

The standard POP and IMAP account configurations are available in this software.

The random notification setting works. A puppy dog would like to let me know that I have new mail.

IncrediMail Review - Puppy Dog.JPG

Anyway, I had my fun checking out the standard set of features and it's time for the puppy dog to take a nap.

A feature that I use and that seems to be missing is the ability to change the From: address of an e-mail on the fly if you have IncrediMail checking multiple accounts. IncrediMail does keep track of which account an e-mail originated from, and when you reply uses the correct From: address, but I would like to be able to change this setting via a dropdown menu like other programs such as Outlook Express.

If special effects and puppy dogs are important to you then this may be the mail program that you are looking for.

To experience IncrediMail for yourself please download it from {link removed}

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