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Hi there,
You guy's were such a great help for me back in Dec... I couldnt remember how I got here, good thing I saved one of your e-mails! Could you help me with that, so I can save you guy's so I dont have to go to the moon and back to find you again!
I'll get an inactive reminder email service or do an informational newsletter once a month.

I did have this feature installed but turned it off when it started spamming members with 4 reminders/day. :eek:


Big Dan

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How about like a newsletter hack? Commbull is okay, the Geek Gazette is really nice. As a matter of a fact I'm not using mine anymore because my members want something more personalized, I'm going to do a page then send a link to it via the built in system.

I'd be glad to give the license to Geek Gazette if you can use it.