Inactive Phone Number ATTENTION!


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Okayy, im done with the other threads that the admins are just repeating that yahoo mail help center will help you with dis issue, sorry for the intro but it's true that if this is your issue in your acct it will just loop you in "Uh oh" page. Guyss i need your help, i know my password and email in my acct but the thing is my acct needed a verification key from my old number which is i forgot to change when i have my new number, so this is the thing, i know my old cp number and still have the simcard but it is INACTIVE meaning expired, i tried already the help center but it's not helping at all, it states that if you want to change the old number, you need the verification key but it is inactiveee!! Adminss, yahoo customer service, anyone pls help me, my yahoo mail holds many accts and important msgs


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