imported mail from another email, forgot to back up on other mail server


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I thought it'd be nice to combine my telus mail into my gmail, now i dont want it. But I think i forgot to check the option "leave back up on original server". So now all my mails from is mixed with my gmail account, how do i transfer them back?

This will, literrally, save my life.

Thank you

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Yikes! This is a tough situation but it should not be impossible to solve. What mail program did you use to read your Telus email? First, move all of the Telus email within your Gmail account to it's own label. Then enable IMAP access for your Gmail account. Configure that program to read both your Gmail ( and Telus (server: accounts. You should be able to separate and manage both email accounts from a mail program on your computer to get your email issues sorted out. Did this information help to solve the problem?

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