IlohaMail header problem


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i have a problem with the header that IlohaMail makes:

!MAIL FROM: <you@yourdomain>
!RCPT TO: <[email]>
Received: from (HELO bordserver) []
by ( 
with SMTP (Classic Hamster Version 1.3 Build ; Tue, 12 May 2009 11:28:19 +0200
Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 11:28:19 +0200
Subject: Fwd: Neue Nachricht in einer Gruppe!
To: [email]
Received: from (auth. user holer@
by with HTTP; Tue, 12 May 2009 09:28:19 +0000
X-IlohaMail-Blah: [email]
X-IlohaMail-Method: mail() [mem]
X-IlohaMail-Dummy: moo
X-Mailer: IlohaMail/0.8.14 (On:
Message-ID: <1PoZNhLa.1242120499.4700290.[email]>
From: "Der Holer" <[email]>
Bounce-To: "Der Holer" <[email]>
Errors-To: "Der Holer" <[email]>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
X-Posting-Agent: Hamster/
Return-Path: <you@yourdomain>


with the you @ yourdomain my mail srv cant send the message, but if i change it to my account mail i can send. so how can i change it, that IlohaMail write @ this line my acc mail?


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Are you saying that with regular settings it works OK, but if you change your settings to be From: a different email address from the email that is sending the email it is blocked from sending? This sounds like anti-spam protection from the ISP. If the From: does not match the email account block it, since it may be a hacked webmail account trying to send spam.



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If i change the "!MAIL FROM: you@yourdomain" into "!MAIL FROM: <my GMX account mail>" can i send the mail.

The you@yourdomain is in every *.msg File. so there have to be a config file for it, or not?


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I tested an other Webmailer called "NOCC", when i write there a mail it makes my same line at !MAIL FROM. so, maybe this line come from my srv? i use "Hamster"...


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Are the values above a config file or are you obfuscating some of the data to protect your identity?

Can you explain step by step what you are trying to do and the exact error message that you get?

I'll be mroe than happy to download and look at IlohaMail but I'd like to have a clear understanding of the problem before I get started.



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Above is the code of a mail, not a config file.
Yes some things are replaced, dont wanna schow my addres everyone^^

And today in the morning i solved the problem! Hamster has one option to correct the mail header. After i disabled the option i had the right email adress in the line...

IlohaMail has one config file, where all options are, so its very easy to install and configurate it...

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