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The attached PDF from MAAWG is an informative read. I was not surprised by the number of non-experts that are aware of threats and the number of non-experts in the "it can't happen to me" category. I was banging my head a little bit while trying to educate my dad recently. His old computer that was not retired until recently was a Windows 98 computer on a dialup connection. The virus definitions and other software updates were rarely up to date. He believed that being on dialup made his computer not a target for hackers / scans / probes, etc. That simply is not true. In regards to email it doesn't even know if you are connecting over a dialup or high speed connection. His new computer has a nice high speed internet connection. Again, the updates are usually not applied, and now I don't have access to do them because his Vista computer asks me for the admin password. He is also under the impression that turning off the computer while not on it ranks as one of the best things he can do. I suppose I can't argue against that too much. I think I'd prefer to have it online all the time and routinely picking up it's updates at scheduled times. Do you have any stories to share about out of date computers, needing to help a friend with a virus/spyware/bot infection, or some other relevant observations?


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I'm always vigilant against this spammers, malware, and the like. In fact anyone's computers that I'm near normally gets a quick glance to make sure their AV is running any up to date. I tend to stay off of dogey sites, so I don't worry much and I have MS Security Essentials running for AV and Spyware. I manually do full system scans weekly unfortunately Malware Byes is 32 bit only so it won't run on my new Windows 7 install but I'm looking a decent replacement.

One of my biggest beefs with security software is most of them when to run as a live resident scanner, AV is enough for me. It just bogs down the system live scanning all file system changes :eek:

It's great that Microsoft put out MS Security Essentials it's consistently received rave reviews and is light on system resources. I used Avast for quite a while but it was getting a little bloated lately. The first thing I do on a computer that someone says is slow is uninstall Norton/McAfee and install MSE. It's free and light on resources. ;)

For my part, I think people should take some time to learn about their computer. You wouldn't drive a car without knowing the basics a little knowledge goes a long way to thwart viruses, bot nets, and social engineering.