How To Setup AOL Mail Account To Iphone?


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AOL provides the flexibility to use a third party app like Thunderbird, Android, iPhone using SMTP Server.

In order to setup AOL Account on iPhone, you need to do following steps:

Step1: Navigate to setting on iPhone homepage
Step 2: Tap on Mail, Contact, and Calendar
Step 3: Under the account section, tap on the account
Step4: Choose AOL
Step5: Select Add Mail Account
Step 6: You will be asked for the information like your name, AOL Email Address, AOL Password, and brief description.
Step 7: At this step, you will be asked to select IMAP or POP. Both of these are the protocol that is required to connect to the server. AOL Suggest you choose IMAP as it continuously syncs the app and your account.

If you are using POP and you want to move an email from a personalized folder to your Outlook or Thunderbird, then first move the email from personalized folder to your inbox

Hence it is always better to choose IMAP over POP.

Step8: Now, you need to input the SMTP Details

Host Name :

User Name : AOL email address

Password : AOL email password

Step8: Verify your account

Step 9: You are good to check your email