How to setup mailto: handler for Yahoo Mail in Chrome Browser

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As most know, you can configure the Chrome browser to handle a web "mailto:" link and open a web page to the Google Web Gmail compose page with the filled in "to:" fields (and maybe other fields depending on the link). I have been working for hours trying to get the same function when using Yahoo Web Mail. I am able to set the Firefox browser to handle the "mailto:" link to open a Yahoo Web Mail compose window.

I can also set the Windows Mail client or Thunderbird Mail client as the default app for mail in Windows Settings. This also works if I have the default account in the client set to Yahoo Mail.

But I can't get a "mailto:" link to open a compose page in Yahoo Web Mail in the Chrome browser. I have even tried to use the Chrome console to call registerProtocolHandler( ) to add a custom handler to Chrome. This almost works, in that it opens a compose window, but the fields aren't filled in.

The command at the console I entered is: navigator.registerProtocolHandler('mailto', 'Yahoo')
I have also tried other permutations of the registerProtocolHandler syntax.

What am I missing? Is there other parameters I can try?

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The command I entered at the Chrome console is: navigator.registerProtocolHandler('mailto', 'https: //');
Without the extra space after the ':'.


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Hi! Did you get this to actually fill in the email address? I've tried all sorts of ways to do the %s and none actually fill in the TO address in the compose window. Using Chrome as well.

navigator.registerProtocolHandler('mailto', 'Yahoo

navigator.registerProtocolHandler('mailto', 'Yahoo', 'Yahoo Mail');

Neither works.