How to forward an email from gmail

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Do you want to know forward an e-mail from gmail?

  • Double click open the e-mail message
  • At the bottom left of the message click the forward button, and then continue sending the e-mail as if it were a new e-mail.
Gmail Forward.JPG

If you want to forward ALL new e-mails please see out guide how to automatically forward your gmail to another e-mail account.

Update: To forward an entire conversation see this guide -


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Re: How to forward an e-mail from gmail

I haven't found a way to select a group of messages and then forward them all. It seems you can only do one at a time.

Is there a way to forward a select group of messages?

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Hi Bill,

You are correct, there is no easy way to forward multiple emails from a Gmail account.

There are two ways to select and send multiple email messages from Gmail.

First, you can use a pop or imap client on your computer to access your email and use that program to forward the emails. For more information on configuring a pop or imap client on your computer please see the following guide:

Another way to forward multiple emails is to create a filter. To use a filter please follow these steps:

  • Go to More Actions and select Filter Messages Like These
Gmail More Actions Filter Messages Like These.JPG
  • Fill in the matching details within Create a Filter and click Next
  • Check and enter the forwarding email address, the option to apply to filter to all of the existing messages that match, and select Create Filter
Gmail Forward Multiple Emails.JPG
  • If you only need to forward the messages a single time delete the filter after it has forwarded the email messages.

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I wanted to forward my entire inbox and realized it's easier to check the box next to each email before clicking More -> Filter messages like these.

A variation on the directions above :

  • Click the check box next to each email that you want to forward
Gmail Checkboxes.JPG
  • Go to the More menu and select Filter Messages Like These
Gmail More Filter.JPG
  • The needed filter details will already be filled in. Click Next Step.
Gmail Filter Rule.JPG
  • Click the check boxes for Forward it to and Also apply filter to before clicking the Create Filter button
Gmail Create Filter.JPG

If this forward process is only needed one time when you are done you may want to go to your mail settings and remove the filter that was used to forward the emails.

  • Go to the top right of your Gmail, click the Gear, and select Mail Settings
Gmail Settings.JPG
  • Click the Filters tab and then you can click delete located on the right side of each filter rule as needed.
Gmail Filters Settings.JPG
If you have a lot of filters it's also a good time to double check your rules for old unneeded rules that can be removed too.