How to create a filter and block an email address in Yahoo Mail

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Would you like to block someone from sending email to your Yahoo email account?

If marking their messages as spam does not work these are the directions for manually creating an email filter:

  • Click the Options link in the top rightof your inbox and select Mail Options
Yahoo Mail Options.JPG
  • Click Filters in the left side navigation and then create or edit filters on the right side.
Yahoo Mail Filters.JPG
  • Click the Add button and then fill in the details for From: and sending the email to your junk folder.
Yahoo Mail Add Filter.JPG
  • After naming the filter and completing the details click Add Filter
Please note that you can create a maximum of 15 within a free Yahoo mail account.

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To check and/or edit your filters in the latest version of Yahoo Mail:

Go to top right of your inbox, click the Gear, and select Settings:

Yahoo Settings.JPG

Click Filters in the left side navigation:

Yahoo Filters.JPG