How to change your personal information in Hotmail

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Update! Here is the current link for updating your personal information with Microsoft

Do you want to change your personal information such as removing your last name from Hotmail?

To remove your last name or other personal information please follow these steps:

  • Login to Hotmail and go to your Inbox
  • In the top right select Options and then More Options
Hotmail - Options.JPG
  • Under Manage Your Account click View and edit your personal information
Hotmail - Edit Personal Information.JPG
  • On the right side, under Common Tasks, click edit your registered information
Hotmail - Edit Registered Information.JPG
  • Change the information in the form that appears, for example remove your last name:
Hotmail - Remove Last Name.JPG
  • When you are done click the Save button at the bottom of the form
Hotmail - Save.JPG
If you have any questions about Windows Live Hotmail please start a new thread in our Hotmail Support Forums.​
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Is it true that last name must be required now?


Yes, it appears that your last name is required now.

If you want protect your privacy there is nothing stopping you from entering your last name initial. ;)


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Yes, thank you, and I have tried all the suggestions at that page. Really what I want to do is to have my mobile emails come in to my cellphone with the correct time, and I was told that I had to change my registered information to change my location. But maybe there is another way to get my mobile emails to reflect the proper time on my cellphone??


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I can't seem to find where I can change my birth date in "Personal info". I see a date of 2005 in my account summary but when I go into "Personal Info" there is no entry to change the date.

Think the date comes in play only when trying to login to outlook on a android phone. when I login to my account, an error message of "we were unable to sign you in, Sorry you must be an adult to do this".


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I have created screenshots for you.

From the options wheel in the upper right, select more mail settings from the drop down menu.

change info1.png
next select account details
change info2.png

next, select edit personal info
change info3.png
change dob
change info4.jpg
scroll to bottom and select save

change info5.jpg

If you are having difficulty seeing the screenshots, click on them to enlarge them.