How to change the Microsoft Outlook font color from blue to black

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Microsoft Outlook has a feature where the replies to some e-mails will be displayed in blue text instead of the regular black text.

To change this setting please use the following steps:
  • Go to the Tools menu and select Options.
  • Click the Mail Format tab
  • Click the Fonts button
  • Edit the setting for Replying and Forwarding
  • Click Apply and OK until all of the windows are closed.
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This is the process to change the default reply color from blue to black when replying or forwarding an email in Microsoft Outlook 2013.

First, go to File and then click Options:

Microsoft Outlook 2013 - File.jpg
Microsoft Outlook 2013 - Options.jpg

Next, click Mail in the left side navigation, then scroll down and click the button for Stationery and Fonts:

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Stationery and Fonts.jpg

In the "Replying or forwarding messages" section, click Font:

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Replying or forwarding messages font.jpg

Under font color click the color menu drop-down and pick black:

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Change font color from blue to black.jpg

After picking black, or any other color you prefer as your default reply color, click OK three times to save and close the settings windows.