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Few weeks ago i requested a password recovery from my brother's mail, cuz i was mad at him and needed his mail for something.
Anyway, now that i finally can get verified on paypal, they won't remove my limitation till I take care of the issue.
So, as they did not give me password or any mail access, it just got suspended. I'd like to know how do I cancel or stop that e-mail password recovery, so I can get verified on paypal. Sorry if i got this too confused, but i couldn't find any way to cancel it on the mail i used to receive the password recovery.


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Hi zarazagan,

Is it fair to reword this as "I tried to hack my brothers Hotmail account and now I'm having a problem with my PayPal?"

Either way, I don't understand how your PayPal is affected. If your brothers emails account is listed on your PayPal, is there something preventing you from adding your email address and making it the primary account before deleting their account from your PayPal settings?

What exactly are you trying to do that isn't working, and what error message are you getting?

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