How to add google analytics to a vBulletin forum

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The following are the directions for adding Google Analytics statistics to a vBulletin forum:

  • Create a new google analytics account
Google Analytics - Create Account.JPG

  • Click the Sign Up button
Google Analytics - Sign Up.JPG

  • Enter the details for your site and click the Continue button
Google Analytics - Site Details.JPG

  • Complete the New Account Signup form and click the Continue button
Google Analytics - New Account Signup.JPG

  • Agree to the Terms of Service and click the Create New Account button

  • Highlight the tracking code, right click on it, and select Copy.
Google Analytics - Tracking Code.JPG

  • Go to your vBulletin Admin Control Panel
  • Open the Styles and Templates navigation on the left side of the AdminCP
  • Click Search in Templates
Google Analytics - Search in Templates.JPG

  • Type footer in the box, select Search Titles Only, and click the Find button
  • Double click footer in the search results
  • Paste the Google Analytics Tracking Code at the very bottom of the footer template
  • Click the Save button

  • Go back to the Google Analytics web site
  • In an hour or two you should be confirmed.
Google Analytics - Status.JPG

  • Check the Google Analytics site again in 24-48 hours and you should have your first statistics data available for your review.
I wish you the best of luck with continuing to improve your vBulletin community!