How do you use email?


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I guess my main reasons would be:

Communicating with family and friends.

Online shopping correspondences.

Online forums so that you can be notified or emailed by members or moderators.

Newsletters sent by sites that I'm registered on and have requested newsletters be sent.

Other than that, not much.

Nothing that involves a lot of security, as I would never trust email with something that requires security, and nobody wants the hassle of encryption and decryption.

All in all, nothing really important, so why do we use it?

Good question.


  • Communicating with family and friends (I guess well over 50% by the number of messages)
  • Online forums (notifications)
  • newsletters I subscribe to
  • invoices from utilities, phone companies, ISP
  • matters related to voluntary work I do for 2 or 3 charities/NGOs
  • and of course the usual assorted odds & sods :)