How do you pick your e-mail addresses?

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What would you do if you wanted to sign up for a new e-mail address, but the address that you wanted was not available? Would you create an alternate or similar e-mail address, or refuse to use that particular e-mail service?


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I'm kind of anal about that I like all my handles to be the same across different networks, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, etc but now a days I don't change them that often anymore so I just add an underscore or a couple of numbers that mean something to me after the words.

For the most part I just use domain based emails forwarded into Gmail. If I own the domain, I can guarantee the handle I want is always available. ;)


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fortunetly my name is unique enough that if I can't have yukon then first initial last name works fine ... I don't have any emails that haven't fit that scheme, nor tried anywhere that it was already taken by anyone other than me (occasionally had dups for specific reasons: etc.