Abort when pick up the e-mails with POP3


New Email
We use as a mail client program which is based on the open source SugarCRM and has been modified. Unfortunately, this is no longer being maintained and I can not ask anyone in this regard.

The retrieval of the mail with POP3 usually works without problems. But some mails he doesn't load from the server. Or he gets some mail again and again from the mailbox up to a new mail arrives. :hammer:

By the mail he can't fetch from the server, the following error message to find in the Log:
MySQL error 1366: Incorrect string value: '\x85' for column 'name' at row 1

It is not always '\x85'. He's always another, but always 'Incorrect string value' and always in the column 'name'

Unfortunately I have no idea what it could still be. Since we are located in Germany, it could be due to the special characters? But there are also e-mail with special characters without any problems.

I hope someone here has might be an idea in which direction the errors are.