How do unlock my account?


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I locked my account. When i go to log on it tells me i tried too many times. I can't reset it because it sends it to my hotmail which i cant log in to to reset it. Someone tell me how to unlock this account.:(

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How long has your account been locked for? I would expect a lockout to be at least 15 minutes but certainly no more than 24hrs. If the problem does not fix itself soon try the steps on the how to get control of your hotmail account page. It's possible there is a problem with someone or something else trying to access your account.

the same thing happened to me, if you get to the page were it shows you the email it is going to send the code to, there is a little link above which lets you contact surrport or somethiong along them lines then follow the way then fill in as much as you can and they will ask you for another email address which they will send the link to which will let you reset your password and let you back into your account, but fill in as much as you can as if they dont think that you have filled in enough information they will not give you the link, i hope this is off help.