How do I fix html format and attachment problems?

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:hammer:Have to type on black background with dark blue lettering when preparing emails to be sent. Not all sent out reach destination. Those that do have similar black background and dark blue lettering. What can it I do to remedy this issue.:confused:

When I receive attachments, cant open saying administrator has set up filter, I am using a laptop, can someone show me how to unlock the filter.:(:hammer:


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What email program are you using? It sounds like you have a default HTML template set up with settings that you don't want. Try checking your settings and change them from sending HTML email to plain text email. If you let us know which email program you are using we can give you the specific steps to check the settings for that program.


blessed P

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Hi to Raymond in respond to my enquiry. Afraid I have no idea, am not computer savvy. For you info, I was able to open attachment before this.

Thank u