How do I create a signature in Thunderbird?

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To create and have a selection of signatures available you can download the Quicktext add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird.

To download and install the Quicktext add-on please follow these steps:

  • Download the Quicktext add-on and save the file to your desktop.
  • Open Thunderbird and select Add-ons from the Tools menu.
  • Now click Install and select the Quicktext XPI file from your desktop.
  • Select Install Now and click Restart Thunderbird after the installation completes.
To create your signatures:

  • Select Quicktext from the Tools menu.
  • Add a group called "Signatures"
  • Create as many templates as you like with descriptive titles such as "Home" and "Work"
  • Edit the content of the templates and save them when done.
The next time to start to compose a new e-mail you can select the signature you want to use by clicking the name of the template in the menu bar just above the body of the e-mail.

You can also use quicktext to create other text phrases that you frequently use, for example answers to frequently asked questions.



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Thanks for the info. That is not what I am looking for. I like fancier signatures like the one I have here. Is there any way to do that? :confused:

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No problem! Here are the steps to create an HTML signature:

  • Open a text editor such as Microsoft Word that can save an HTML file.
  • Create your signature content
  • Select Save As from the File menu, name the file, and set the document type to HTML Document before saving.
  • Open Thunderbird
  • Select Account Settings from the Tools Menu
  • Click on your identity, it's the name of the account in the top left of the current window.
  • Check the box for Attach this Signature and choose the HTML signature file that you created.
The next time you start a new e-mail the HTML signature will be attached!

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